The Buckeye Santas
Revised Guidelines
September 2019

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Guidelines for The Buckeye Santas adopted 9/14/2019

This organization shall be known as The Buckeye Santas, organized under the laws, rules and regulations of the State of Ohio for the purposes of fellowship, and for supporting, mentoring and promoting the professional development of our members, as well as, social networking for Santas, and those Christmas Performers within the organization who appear and perform in the Spirit of Christmas. The Buckeye Santas strive to offer Santa's services to deserving organizations.
Keeping track of current membership status creates quite a workload for the Secretary. Membership renewal is strongly encouraged to be completed by the end of February. Membership may be open to any person portraying himself as Santa while maintaining a real beard, or, lacking a real beard, portraying oneself as a Christmas Performer.
Annual dues of $25.00 shall be due from each member along with a background check and completed current application to be considered a Member of Record. If one does not provide the required documents, that individual shall simply be considered as a Guest.
Keeping in mind that The Buckeye Santas is a social organization, membership may be open to any Christmas performer meeting the following qualifications:
a) Maintains a real beard year round unless gender or occupational waiver is approved by Board;
b) Submits, along with Annual dues of $25.00 a current membership application and background check.
An applicant failing to provide the required documents shall be considered simply as a Guest without any membership benefits. Dues Exemptions shall voluntarily apply to Founders and those applicants over the age of 70 years, and to each applicant's domestic partner.
The revised, shortened Annual Application shall include a release form allowing a Member's limited personal information and photos to be disseminated on BuckeyeSantas.com Website, and related social media. To minimize the exposure of members' email addresses to outsiders, group e-mail contact will be done via a BlindCarbonCopy (Bcc:) or similar means.
No personal information is to be sold or used as an outside agent for another Santa.
Only members of record (defined as those having submitted the current annual application, background check and appropriate dues) will have the right to vote in any election presented to the membership. Only a member of record may hold elected office if meeting the position requirements. With the exception of voting and job postings, Guests may freely participate in most organization activities. Members must maintain the highest standards of lawful and acceptable behavior always reflecting well on the image of Santa Claus and any Christmas Performer. A member must self-report to the Board if charged with a misdemeanor or felony, and their membership shall be suspended until the outcome is finalized through the court system.
The BuckeyeSantas Logo may be used to identify oneself as a member of record. But, any use of the Logo for personal profit will not be allowed. Any equipment that is owned by The Buckeye Santas must be signed out through the Secretary who will keep track of such loans. Equipment that is lost, damaged or stolen while in your possession must be replaced by the member that signed it out. Meetings shall be in central Ohio.
The Offices of the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer, will be elected at the October meeting by a majority of the members of record present at the time of the voting and shall include valid absentee ballots. With the exception of the President, the term of office of each elected Officer shall be one (1) year and for as many succeeding terms to which they may be re-elected. To ensure continuity of leadership, the President may hold this office for a second year in succession, however, the membership must approve that extension through a vote of confidence.
No member may hold more than one (1) elected office at a time. An Officer's Term will start on January 1, and end on the following December 31. Non-elected Positions of Webmaster and Chaplain may be appointed to the Board at the direction of the Board and have full Officer status.
An Advisory Board, consisting of President, Vice-president, Secretary, Treasurer and the most recent Past President shall be responsible for maintaining all documentation, following guidelines and accounting procedures, and shall meet, either in person or via conference, at least 3 times per calendar year for the purpose of reviewing and making recommendations to the membership. Votes, on all policies and procedures, as required, will be conducted by the membership of record in attendance at regular meetings.
A finance report will be given to members at each meeting. Any request for changes to the dues structure must be approved by a majority of the members of record. During the October meeting the next yearís budget will be proposed. For passage, it shall require a majority vote from the members of record present at the meeting. Any checks, contracts, or expenses over $100, not included in the annual budget, must have two signatures (President and Treasurer), and require a majority vote from the members of record present at the meeting. In the interest of transparency, minutes of The Advisory Board meetings, and regular membership meetings will be emailed to all members of record,
as well as being read aloud during the regular monthly meetings.
An Election Committee may be appointed by the President. Otherwise, it shall consist of the Advisory Board, unless one of them is running for office. The committee is responsible for conducting the Election. In the event that more than one person is nominated for an Officer position, a secret ballot shall be used. Elections by acclamation will otherwise be acceptable.
Nominations may be submitted by either E-mail or in person (no later than the September general meeting). E-mail nominations must include BOTH the nominee's name and the name of the person making the nomination, and must be received by Webmaster PRIOR to the September meeting so as to allow sufficient time for (VETTING) checking the nominee's required qualifications:
Nominee must have been a member for two years prior to holding an office.
The member must attend a minimum of five meetings during the year prior to holding an office.

A slate of candidates will then be prepared and submitted at the September general meeting. Any additional nominations from the floor may be submitted prior to the close of the September general meeting. The slate of candidates shall be included in the September Meeting Minutes e-mailed to each member of record. Elections are held during the regular meeting in October of each year, members of record will have the opportunity to vote in person or via email to the Election Committee via Webmaster. Deadline to e-Vote is 3 days prior to the October meeting date. (Email votes shall contain the name of the VOTER and be retained with the ballot printed on the same page.) Ballots will be distributed only to members of record, receipted with signature.
If more than one candidate seeks a specific Office, Ballots will be cast and counted in secret at October meeting and results announced at the October meeting. The nominee receiving the most votes will be elected to the corresponding office. In the event of a tie, a coin will be flipped to determine the winner. Newly elected officers shall start their term on Jan 1.
Vacancies of elected officer positions will require a special election to be held following the protocol listed above. The newly elected person will fill and complete the remaining term of the vacant position.
An Officer may resign in writing at any time without reason. Resignation shall be addressed to the membership. The membership may request the removal of an Advisory Board Member, for reasonable cause, but at least 33% of the membership of record must agree to this and must be formally written to the Advisory Committee.
Any revisions to Guidelines must be approved by a majority vote of the members of record present at meeting. Submit suggestions and proposed changes in writing to the President at least fourteen (14) days prior to the next scheduled meeting date.
The following formats are suggested for use for absentee email nominations and balloting.
Send email to:
To: Buckeye Santas Webmaster
From: your Email address
Subject: Absentee (Nomination) or (Ballot)
I, (insert your REAL name) , on (today's date), (Nominate), (or Cast Vote For ) (insert real name of person being nominated or vote cast for) for the position of (officer position).

Please note that absentee ballots will be checked against current membership lists used by Election Committee so that no one can vote more than once per election.

This page updated September 17, 2019
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