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Are you looking to have a professional
Santa for your special event?
Include (copy/paste) all of the following information...

Minimum Info Req'd:
Name of Contact:
Phone Number to reach you:
Date of requested services:
Time of requested service:
Location City:
Any extra details you wish to provide:

...into an E-mail to: Santa@BuckeyeSantas.com


Once your request has been received by our Job Coordinator/Webmaster it will be added to the list of
potential Santa bookings that will be sent privately via email to each of our members. Each member then
has the opportunity to determine their availability based upon the information you provided, and if
Santa is able to help out he will contact you directly to make any necessary arrangements.

Remember, the earlier your request is submitted the better your chances of securing a great professional Santa!

Buckeye Santas Are
Background Checked
Trained Professionals

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For Information About
The Buckeye Santas
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